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Hitchin Brake Clutch & MOT Centre

Queen Street, SG4 9TN Hitchin, United Kingdom

We are opposite to Portmill Lane, not too far from St Marys carpark under the Woodcote House flats.

Lost? Call us and we will guide you in.

Tel: 01462 441 803 or 01462 421273



our pre MOT test Check


We're not trying to fail yor vehicle.


Our Pre MOT Test Check ensures that any small problems that could easily fail your vehicle are pre-checked before the MOT is carried out. In this way we pre-empt any problems which could mean wasted time and an expensive re-test.

Call us now to book your test.

Tel: 01462 441803 or 01462 421273


To find out more, visit the Direct Gov website by clicking here.